Cooking Up Membership

A new year, a new theme and a new chance to reach our membership goal. Let’s strive for reaching 100% in membership and a 90% renewal rate. We need to make a concerted effort in trying to reach 3 & 4 star status. It can be done, with a little bit of effort. I will award prizes for the top region in membership throughout the year. I would like the squadrons to start using to send and/or make changes to their membership and also pay for their membership

dues. Let’s have fun and gitter done!

Yours in Service,

Larry Ford

Membership Chairmen

1st Vice Commander


Membership Goals

September 9, 2021 - 10%
October 14, 2021 - 25%
November 10,2021 - 35%
December 8, 2021 - 45%
January 20, 2022 - 60%
February 9, 2022 - 75%
March 9, 2022 - 80%
April 13, 2022 - 90%
May 11, 2022 - 100%
July 28, 2022 - 105% -Delegate Strength Cutoff

Membership Eligibility 

All male descendants adopted sons, and stepsons of members of The American Legion, and such male descendants of veterans who died in service during the period of April 6, 1917, through November 11, 1918, or any time from December 7, 1941, to date, who served honorably, as set forth in Article IV, Section 1, of the National Constitution of The American Legion, or who died subsequent to their honorable discharge from such service, shall be eligible for membership in the Sons of The American Legion.


The American Legion National Headquarters has designed a FREE and secure internet site to assist Squadron Adjutants in their day-to-day membership duties. This site serves as a direct portal from the local squadron to National Headquarters' membership system.