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As a dual member of the Legion and The Sons of The American Legion I am excited to take over the duties of 1st Vice Commander for Detachment of Maryland and know that the path ahead is long but will be prosperous and fun. Last year we went over 16,000 members and I applaud everyone for all that hard work and laying down those tracks for success.  However, let’s not stop there.  Let’s shoot for 17,000 or higher. 


The Theme for this 2023-2024 year is in relation to my job and my 21-year military service in the Transportation and Logistics field. In Transportation and Logistics, you have to keep things moving so there is a continuity in operations and the moment you become complacent things are bound to get derailed. The THINK I CAN attitude or just sitting at a whistle stop and letting others pass by really should not be an option. On this note one of the basic ways to move things is by train.  Therefore, my theme for this year is along that line.  


As we chug our way into another new year for membership, we need to get ALL ABOARD and keep on track to keep our current members and look for new members.  Right now, all of you are sitting in the Roundhouse getting ready for your Journey. Are you going to go out full steam ahead or sit back and be a brakeman and slow things down.  Get your ticket (i.e., membership card) now and get onboard and enjoy the scenery and while you’re at it, get your buddies to punch their tickets as well.  The more the merrier.  The path lies before you to Promontory Point and striking that golden spike at the end of your travel to signify you achieved 100% or more.  Last year it was done stoke the furnace this year again and let’s set another new record.


I look forward to seeing you on the train to success.  Your Chief Conductor.

Mike Obremski

Membership Chairman 


1st Vice Commander  

Detachment of Maryland 

Mike Obremski.png

Membership Goals

September 13, 2023 - 10%
October 18, 2023 - 25%
November 15,2023 - 35%
December 13, 2023 - 45%
January 18, 2024 - 60%
February 14, 2024 - 75%
March 13, 2024 - 80%
April 10, 2024 - 90%

May 15, 2024 - 100%
July 24, 2024 - 105% -Delegate Strength Cutoff

Membership Eligibility 

All male descendants adopted sons, and stepsons of members of The American Legion, and such male descendants of veterans who died in service during the period of April 6, 1917, through November 11, 1918, or any time from December 7, 1941, to date, who served honorably, as set forth in Article IV, Section 1, of the National Constitution of The American Legion, or who died subsequent to their honorable discharge from such service, shall be eligible for membership in the Sons of The American Legion.


The American Legion National Headquarters has designed a FREE and secure internet site to assist Squadron Adjutants in their day-to-day membership duties. This site serves as a direct portal from the local squadron to National Headquarters' membership system.

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