Greetings Son Members, as we continue our journey through these trying times remember our veterans still need our assistance. As a member of the Sons of The American Legion we can help in the rehabilitation of our veterans. For example, many Son members help in completing chores for veterans who need assistance around their homes.


Other members volunteer at VA hospitals and VA facilities helping with various activities. If you would like to volunteer contact your VAVS representative at the facility near you. VAVS volunteers have no age restriction- anyone can help. Contact the chief of voluntary services and refer to reference number SOAL 303. 


SAL representatives: 

Tom Deal…. Perry Point Veterans Center 

Sq 135 Perryville 443-206-0402 

Robert Filippi…. Loch Raven VA Facility 

SQ 183 Parkville 443-928-5573 

Dave Tatman…. Charlotte Hall Veterans Home 

SQ 82 LaPlata MD. 301-752-8273 


Rodney Helmer…. Cambridge Clinic 

SQ 243 Hurlock MD. 443-521-7559 

These are our Detachment Reps for Veterans Affairs. They will know the Contact info for each veteran’s facility. 

Its time to donate and help our veterans. If your Squadron Is planning a event let me know. So in closing remember our Vets. 


Yours in Service,

Bill Yeagy

VAVS Chairman

3rd Vice Commander


VAVS Programs

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