Detachment of Maryland

50th Annual Convention 2023

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50th Annual Convention
June 2023

What a great milestone for the Detachment to achieve. Fifty years of coming together from across the state of Maryland to show our comradeship and learn how to support the various programs. Leading the way for our continued support of The American Legion and all of the programs they support, as well as a few others.

We've grown a great deal since the 1st Convention, and as we move closer to the 50th Convention, which should take place in June of 2023, we want to expand on the planning efforts to make the 50th Convention memorable for everyone.

At our 47th Annual Convention held in September 2020, the delegation approved the above design to be used for a pin and as our 50th Convention logo.

Additional details will be provided on this page as we move closer to this historic milestone.

50th Annual Convention Chairmen
James Hartman (PNC/PDC)
Bill Hill (PNVC/PDC)


Detachment of Maryland, 3115 Orchard Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21234