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JR's Journey

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"Sons Empowering Our Future Leaders"

JR's Journey Just Got Better

Exciting times are ahead again for
Maryland! So you ask; what are
you talking about Joe?

Well as I previously let you know,
Maryland had a candidate for
National Vice Commander for the
East Region and that person was
our own JR Hall from Glen Burnie
Squadron 40. JR was the East's
Candidate for National Vice for the
year 2019-2020.

JR always being a person to; Step
Up To The Challenge, has now
answered the call for the high office
of National Commander for a year
to be determined.

With that being
the case, we are going to have to
also;Step Up To The Challenge in
our fundraising.

As JR's Campaign Chairman, I am
personally asking you to rise to the
occasion and help JR on his
journey to becoming National
Commander. Over the next few
months you will be hearing more
about our plans to raise the funds
necessary for JR to travel around
this great state of Maryland and
then to travel around our Nation. JR's Journey will be taking him
around our Nation, so that they
can get to know him as we do and to
understand just how lucky we all
will be to have JR as our National

Looking ahead, I can share that we
are planning a cruise out of
Baltimore on April 21, 2020. I am
looking to have as many of you on
this trip as we can. This will give us
a week together to socialize, recharge
our batteries and as
important, raise funds for JR. In
conjunction with the cruise, we will
be holding a Cruise Raffle which
will provide passage for two on the
cruise with us. For more
information on the cruise and the
raffle, please email me at

In addition to the cruise, we will be
holding many other events over the
next couple of years. These will
include a Wagon of Cheer to be
held this Fall, a gun raffle to be
held next year and many other
events. If your squadron or district
would like to be a part of JR's
Journey, please reach out to me or
Tom Deal for ideas on how you can
help. Tom can be reached at

Jr wants to personally thank all of
you that have stepped up to help
his candidacy for National Vice
Commander. While that path is no
longer in play, all the funds raised
for that office will now be used to
reach the office of National
Commander. Only through your
help and support will Maryland be
blessed with its 7th National
Commander, Don JR Hall.
United In Service

Joe Gladden
National Campaign Chairman for
JR Hall For National

Detachment of Maryland, 3115 Orchard Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21234