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"Trucking for Membership"

January Update

Breaker/breaker all truckers, now that the holidays are over it's time to fire up those trucks and get back on the road. I already see a couple trucking companies already moving. NESD Trucking is rolling and they're in reach of that 100 mile marker. NCD Trucking is right on the bumper along with SMD and SESD Trucking companies. I see the other trucking companies with their trucks running and moving a little slow, must be going up a steep hill. So go ahead, get on your CB's and call your distributors for help to get membership out to lighten up your load. Now shift gears and get over that mountain and put the pedal to the metal and catch up to the other trucking companies. I know you guys can do it. You're truckers and know how get a job done.
We still have a couple hundred miles to make up from this time last year. That shouldn't be a problem, because there's no Smokies around and you guys don't know how to obey the speed limits.
Everyone is doing a good job so let's keep the pedal to the metal and reach your delivery goals

December Update

Breaker/Breaker good buddy. Is it Christmas, I see a lot of trucking companies delivering membership like Santa Claus delivering presents on Christmas Eve. A lot of goose eggs are disappearing that means we have a lot of truckers on their CB radios talking to their distribution centers reminding them to deliver membership.

NESD Trucking is still leading this convoy, I think they have reindeer power instead of horse power under the hood of their trucks because these guys are sure flying delivering membership. NCD is not far behind but you guys need to put some jet fuel in your tanks and speed it up a little bit more because SMD and SESD Trucking is knocking on your back door.

Baltimore, WMD and MD Trucking Is running at a good pace so let’s keep the pedal to the metal and deliver those memberships.

Great job everybody, remember watchdog Karl is keeping his eye on things so let’s keep him in the yard instead of chasing us down.

Remember we have a conference call on December 14 at 7 PM

November 2017 Update

Hello Truckers, listen up.

North Eastern Shore Trucking has picked up speed and is on the tail of NCD Trucking and they better look out or they're going to get ran over. They need to put the pedal to the metal and deliver more membership if you want to stay in the lead of this convoy. We have Baltimore, SMD and SESD trucking rolling up fast and delivery membership at a pretty good rate. In the rear is WMD and Mountain truckers who need to deliver a lot of memberships, pull on out of that rest area and start moving if you want to stay in this race. You have plenty of fuel and there is always time to get in front and lead this convoy.

We're still 175 members behind last year at this time, we're putting miles behind us so let's keep moving at a high rate to ensure we reach our destination. Remember we need to be at 35% by November 15th. and I know three of the trucking companies have already passed that goal. Don't slow down and let's see what trucking companies can deliver 100% of their membership by the first of the year.

Pull over and get on a landline for our conference call on November 8th at 7pm.

October 2017 Update

Breaker/breaker gear jammers, our October delivery date is a few days away and there's some trucking companies that are sitting idol in a pickle park or in the granny lane. We need to shift gears and put the pedal to the metal and get these memberships in. Truckers get out and visit your distribution centers or get on the CB and start calling them. We need 2017 and 2018 memberships delivered, so this great Detachment stays on top.

Right now we have NCD Trucking leading this convoy with 44.67 of their memberships delivered, great job truckers. Right on their bumper we have NESD and Baltimore Trucking running at a fast pace. Keep the hammer down guys and show NCD that you could pass. SMD, SESD, MD and WD truckers need to shift gears and get some memberships delivered. Truckers remember, we're on a seven lane Highway and there is plenty of room for passing. So keep the pedal to the metal and keep on trucking and get those memberships in.

November 15th is our next target date, we need to have 35% of our membership delivered, so keep the pedal to the metal and keep on trucking.

September 2017 Update

Breaker, breaker, this just in. Boss sent a note indicating that we need 551 more memberships from 2017 to make an all-time high in membership. So check your trucks and distribution centers for any 2017 memberships along with 2018 memberships and get them turned in, that way we can keep this great Detachment at the top as always.

Let me say, NCD Trucking is breaking all kinds of speed limit laws. They're leading this convoy and distributing their membership cards. They already have Liberty Squadron 122 who has already distributed all their membership cards, congratulations. Right on their bumper we have NESD, Baltimore, SMD, SESD, MD and WD truckers, several of these drivers already delivered well over 10% of their membership, we only have ONE that is just shy of making that goal.

Truckers remember we're on a seven lane Highway, there are no traffic lights or speed limit and there is plenty a room for passing. So keep the pedal to the metal and keep on trucking and get those memberships in.

I'm asking all truckers to not slow down once the first goal is reach, aim for reaching the second goal and stay ahead of the traffic.

July 2017 Update

Breaker/Breaker good buddy. This is the Bear with ears (officer monitoring the CB airwaves) reaching out to say thank you for electing me as the membership chairman. We are pulling out of the truck stop after fueling our engines and it time to get rolling. I would think by now you have figured out my theme for this year, Trucking for Membership!

We continue with the goal of reaching 17,000 member this year so I am asking each of you to get your keys out, start your engine and lets empty those trailers with unpaid memberships. I am looking for each of you to join me in getting back to the ways of having fun, make our trucking buddies want to contribute our great organization. Work hard before pulling up to the Chicken Coup (truck scale) confirming we’re reaching our monthly target. Your trailer is currently being held up at the Coup because you’re in overload. Get your members to paid their dues so you can move on down the road and reach out for potential new members.

What is it going to take in your Squadron/District to make sure your successful in reaching the targets. Make a challenge within the District or within a Squadron, competition is always fun. Share your ideas and if you need to, ask for help.

Pick up your membership, make sure you have a full tank to get those memberships moving.

Detachment 1st Vice Commander Membership Chairman

Jim Alexander


Membership Eligibililty

All male descendants, adopted sons and stepsons of members of The American Legion, and such male descendants of veterans who died in service during World War I, World War II, Korean War, the Vietnam War, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, and the Persian Gulf War, during these delimiting periods:

  • August 2, 1990 - cessation of hostilities as determined by the U.S. Government
  • Dec 20, 1989 - Jan 21, 1990
  • Aug 24, 1982 - July 31, 1984
  • Feb 28, 1961 - May 7, 1975
  • June 25, 1950 - Jan 31, 1955
  • Dec 7, 1941 - Dec 31, 1946
  • April 6, 1917 - Nov 11, 1918
Membership Target Dates
Sons of The American Legion
September 13, 2017 10%
October 12, 2017 25%
November 15, 2017 35%
December 13, 2017 45%
January 18, 2018 60%
February 14, 2018 75%
March 14, 2018 80%
April 11, 2018 90%
May 9, 2018 100%
*July 25, 2018 105%

*Delegate Strength Target Date

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